Joshi, M.P., Su, N., Austin, R.D., & Sundaram, A.K. (2021), Why So Many Data Science Projects Fail to Deliver, MIT Sloan Management Review, 62(3):85-89. PDF

  • Featured in top 10 most popular articles of 2021 @ MIT SMR

Working Papers

Digital Value Capture by Financial Organizations following India's Demonetization (in collaboration with N Ahmed, JP Vergne, N Su)

Status: 1st R&R @ Strategic Management Journal

Conferences: SMS 2019, ASAC 2019, AMCIS 2018, AOM 2018, EGOS 2018, Toronto FinTech Conference 2017

Awards: Honorable Mention Award in Organization Theory Division ASAC 2019, Best Paper Award in Strategic IT Track, AMCIS 2018, Runner-up Best Poster Award, Ivey Faculty Retreat 2017

Custodians of Rationality: Inscribing Expertise and Prescribing Insights through Data Science in Incumbent Banks (in collaboration with N Su)

Status: Theory building and rewriting draft, target MIS Quarterly / Organization Science

Conferences: AOM 2021, AMCIS 2020, EGOS 2020, SIG DSA Symposium ICIS 2019

Awards: Runner-up, Best Emerging Research Forum Paper Award AMCIS 2020, Best Student Paper Award SIG DSA ICIS 2019

Algorithmic Intelligence in Research: Prevalent Topic Modeling Practices and Implications for Rigor in IS and Management Research (in collaboration with W Günther) PDF

Status: Rewriting draft, target Organizational Research Methods / MIS Quarterly

Conferences: ICIS 2020, MISQ Author Devpt. Workshop 2020, EGOS 2020

Corporate Innovation Amidst Digital Disruption: A Case of Corporate Incubation at a Large Telecommunications Firm (in collaboration with N Su, S Khanagha, A Uhrdin, K Pendza)

Status: Theory building and rewriting draft, target Organization Science

Conferences: AOM 2020, EGOS 2020, SMS 2019, AMCIS 2019

Honors and Scholarships

  • Dean's Conference Scholarship, Sep'19 - Aug'20

  • Brock Scholarship, Sep'19 - Aug'20

  • Professor Al Mikalachki PhD Research Fund, Travel Grant, Jan'19

  • Plan for Excellence Doctoral Fellowship, Ivey Business School, Sep'16 - Aug'20

  • Dean's Scholarship, Ivey Business School, Sep'16 - Aug'20